Utah Public Health Laboratory Customer Service Quality Improvement Project


Impact Statement: 
This state health department quality improvement (QI) effort sought to improve customer satisfaction and increase use of the Utah state laboratory. The intervention tested was the development of a website for use by local health department (LHD) staff, who achieved both of the QI project goals. In addition, the QI effort raised awareness of QI, the need for a customer focus, and the importance of supporting the role of LHDs in public health among all staff of the state laboratory and greatly enhanced the skills of team members to use QI tools in problem solving. Most importantly, it empowered staff to believe that participating in process improvement can actually result in positive change.

Utah LHDs are a large and important customer base for the Utah Public Health Laboratory (UPHL). UPHL's primary goal is to improve communication with LHDs and strengthen the support provided to LHDs. This will improve the value of the services UPHL provides. For UPHL and to better meet the LHDs’ needs, staff must better understand and communicate the services they provide (or could provide) and how LHDs can access them. Collaborating directly with LHD staff to improve services will facilitate the ability to do this. Improving the ability to follow processes from start (offering a testing service) to finish (customers receive and understand laboratory results) and providing consultation in decision making after results are received will enhance support to LHDs to help them fulfill their mission. Streamlining processes and identifying ways to improve how UPHL serves its customers is the primary strategic aim.

Organization that conducted the QI initiative: 
Utah Department of Health (UDOH)

Snow, L. Public Health Quality Improvement Exchange. Utah Public Health Laboratory Customer Service Quality Improvement Project. Thu, 06/23/2016 - 11:33. Available at https://phqix.org/content/utah-public-health-laboratory-customer-service-quality-improvement-project. Accessed July 25, 2024.

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This submission is based on input from Nancy Arbon, Dr. Robyn Atkinson-Dunn and all of the QI Team Members. We wish to thank the NNPHI for support and encouragement and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for making this and other very important public health improvement activities possible. Laverne Snow, Performance Improvement Manager, Utah Department of Health, lavernesnow@utah.gov

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Laverne Alves Snow, MPA, MS Informatics
National Association of Health Data Organizations
Director of Membership and Special Projects

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Mimi Ujiie
Performance Improvement Manager / Accreditation Coordinator
Utah Dept. of Heath