Strengthening Collaboration Among Local Public Health Partners


Impact Statement: 
Recognizing the power and strength of inclusive community-based collaboration, the health department, under the leadership of the St. Clair County Health Care Commission, used quality planning to enlist more than 60 local organizations to develop a comprehensive strategy to reduce the unacceptably high prevalence of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke in St. Clair County.

In 2010–11, the 20 member organizations of the St. Clair County Health Care Commission developed 5-year community health plans with measurable outcome and impact objectives to reduce the significantly high prevalence of obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke in St. Clair County. Reducing these outcomes will not only require the “Art of the Long View” but an unprecedented commitment to implement collaborative, evidence-based intervention strategies, establishing policies and building environments to address the underlying behaviors of poor diet and inactivity that increase the risk of premature illness and death caused by these preventable conditions. The following aims and measureable objectives were identified in this Mobilizing Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) process.

AIM 1: Increase the capacity of schools to provide a learning environment that supports healthy behavior and discourages health risk behavior for children and adolescents.

OBJECTIVE 1: By 2016, 25 schools will have fully functional Wellness Councils that can facilitate a Coordinated School Health approach for students, families, and faculty.

AIM 2: Increase the capacity of neighborhoods and communities in St. Clair County to provide a safe environment for school-age children to travel actively to and from school.

OBJECTIVE 2: By 2016, a total of 15 schools in St. Clair County will have a sustainable Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program with an operational travel plan that demonstrates a 10% increase in participation each year.

AIM 3: Increase the capacity of St. Clair County municipal leaders and city planners to create an active transportation network for its 29 incorporated towns and 22 townships.

OBJECTIVE 3: By 2016, St. Clair County will develop a Bicycle, Pedestrian, Trails and Greenway Master Plan, and 8 to 10 cities will actively engage in implementing a progressive Complete Streets (CS) Campaign for their communities.

Organization that conducted the QI initiative: 
St. Clair County Health Department

Peters, M. Public Health Quality Improvement Exchange. Strengthening Collaboration Among Local Public Health Partners. Fri, 03/29/2013 - 19:35. Available at Accessed June 22, 2024.

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Our county is focusing on physical activity and we want to implement a SRTS program in all our districts. This submission was very helpful.

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I am glad an initiative is taking place to improve the help reduce the prevalence of obesity in your area. I am currently in the process of doing similar work with my local schools but there is a bit of a disconnect between local partners and the education structure. It was really helpful to see something like this being implemented.

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