Human Resources Onboarding Process Improvement


Impact Statement: 
Using a PDCA approach, the Philadelphia Department of Public Health (PDPH) achieved a more efficient process for onboarding new employees. The amount of paper used went from 136 pages to 16 pages, an 88% reduction. The mean monthly staff time dedicated to the onboarding process dropped from 653 minutes to 226 minutes, a 65% reduction.

The PDPH Human Resources Office (HRO) engaged in a quality improvement (QI) initiative to streamline the new hire onboarding process. Staff who work as PDPH HRO Clerk 3s spent a lot of time managing paperwork and meeting with new hires. In April 2016, the PDPH HRO was distributing 136 pages to each new full-time hire during appointment processing, and the PDPH HRO Clerk 3s spent 653 minutes processing new full-time hires per month. To address this problem, a project team was created with members of the PDPH HRO and the PDPH Performance Management Unit (PMU). The QI initiative entailed two PDCA cycles. By October 2017 (the effort’s completion), the PDPH HRO adopted a new onboarding process. Rather than attend an individual appointment to complete paperwork, new full-time PDPH employees now receive documentation electronically in advance. Moreover, in lieu of individual meetings with a PDPH HRO Clerk 3, all new hires attend a group orientation session, which is held every other week. As a result, paper use was reduced by 88.2%, and mean monthly staffing time dedicated to the onboarding of new full-time PDPH employees was reduced by 65%.

Organization that conducted the QI initiative: 
Philadelphia Department of Public Health

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