Environmental Health Plan Review Process for New Restaurants


Impact Statement: 
This medium-size local health department improved and standardized the effectiveness of environmental health (EH) plan reviews for new restaurant establishments. The QI team used Kaizen and Lean Six Sigma methods and tools to successfully reduce the EH plan review approval time frame from 30 days to 95% approved in 14 days. This resulted in better efficiency for EH staff, more client satisfaction, and clearer and more concise applications and supporting materials. Many local health departments could adopt or adapt the improvement interventions implemented by this food safety program.

This QI initiative is being implemented for new restaurant operators, contractors, and EH specialists (inspectors) so that EH plan review applications and supporting materials are clear and concise, a consistent process is followed with clear timelines, and best methods are documented to assist in conducting reviews. The response time between when an application is received by Clackamas County Public Health Division (Oregon) to when the EH plan is officially approved will be reduced.

Organization that conducted the QI initiative: 
Clackamas County Public Health Division

Mason, P. Public Health Quality Improvement Exchange. Environmental Health Plan Review Process for New Restaurants. Thu, 02/18/2016 - 14:15. Available at https://phqix.org/content/environmental-health-plan-review-process-new-restaurants. Accessed June 22, 2024.

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