School Immunization Record Review Project


Impact Statement: 
Compliance with required school immunizations rose after completion of a review of school immunization records was coupled with better methods of contacting parents. As a result, both children and the wider community experienced less spread of diseases.

Children attending public schools in Washington State are being exempted from important immunizations that prevent the spread of disease. Children without all the necessary immunizations required to attend school must present a signed Certificate of Exemption (COE) to attend school. The exemption rate for grades K–12 in Spokane County for the 2008–09 school year was 7.4%, compared to 5.7% for the state. This equates to approximately 5,300 students in Spokane County with an exemption to some or all immunizations required for school entry. Out of all 36 counties in Washington, Spokane had the 10th-highest exemption rate for the 2008–09 school year. By increasing vaccination rates and decreasing exemption rates, there will be less spread of diseases among Spokane’s children and the wider community.

This quality improvement project was conducted in the first half of 2010. Since then, additional funding has been awarded to continue this work through 2014.

Organization that conducted the QI initiative: 
Spokane Regional Health District

Siahaya, K. Public Health Quality Improvement Exchange. School Immunization Record Review Project. Fri, 03/29/2013 - 19:30. Available at Accessed July 24, 2024.

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Kristi-this is an excellent project.  Our county is involved in a project to improve our school immunization compliance rates and to reduce the unnecessary workload for ensuring timely compliance.  I'm wondering if you have any information or additional resources you could share regarding your follow up projects of developing a toolkit and especially regarding developing a best practice for a tracking and follow up process/tool?  This seems to be the direction our data is taking us.

Thanks in advance 

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