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PHQIX Expert Articles

Thursday, September 28, 2017 - PHQIX Expert Panelists have written several articles in response to questions received from the PHQIX community. These articles can serve as a wonderful refresher for experienced quality improvement (QI) practitioners and help orient new members of your team to some common issues in public health QI. Topics include the following:

  • A Culture of Quality: Is it Elusive?
  • Quality Improvement vs. Quality Planning
  • The Relationship between Quality Improvement and Performance Management
  • Adapting or Adopting Promising Practices
  • Designing and Organizational Performance Management System
  • A 4-part Series Describing the Kaizen Process
  • We Can All Promote Quality Improvement

Click here to read these articles. 

Register for the next phPIN Webinar: Public Health Improvement Resources

Friday, September 22, 2017 -  The next phPIN webinar entitled, "Embracing Quality in Public Health: Public Health Improvement Resources" will be on Thursday, September 28, 2017 from 4 to 5 pm ET. The presenters will be Jennifer Schuette, MPH, and Rachel Melody, MPH, from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, and Jessie Jones, MPA, from Michigan Public Health Institute. They will share three practical and accessible resources developed as part of the Embracing Quality in Public Health Series. The resources focus on QI, performance management, and accreditation readiness, and are available at no cost to users. These resources are designed to build capacity and serve as tools for public health practitioners at any performance improvement skill level. Click here to register for the webinar.

Public Health Quality Improvement: Journey to a Culture of Quality

Thursday, September 14, 2017 - Check out this recent article on public health QI from the Journal of Public Health Management & Practice: "Unlike many accreditation systems, a central feature of the PHAB accreditation methodology focuses on continuous improvement as standards have increased interest and expanded the application of QI in public health systems and services. Hundreds of QI projects have been implemented in public health departments across the country. In response to the rising demand for QI information, training, and leadership, many health departments and national organizations have developed QI tools and resources such as the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO), National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO), Public Health Quality Improvement Exchange (PHQIX), Public Health Foundation (PHF), and Community of Practice for Public Health Improvement (COPPHI)." Continue reading here

Organizational Culture of Quality Self-Assessment Tool for Local Health Departments

Thursday, September 7, 2017 - Many local health departments have found the Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) to be helpful since it was developed. The SAT enables local health departments (LHDs) to measure organizational maturity within critical aspects or elements of a culture of quality and identify next steps for transformational change. This tool benefits beginner, intermediate, and advanced LHDs by providing a baseline assessment of QI maturity, revealing opportunities for improvement, and informing a trajectory for next steps to reaching a culture of quality. The tool was prepared for the National Association of County and City Health Officials in partnership with Continual Impact, LLC with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Office for State, Tribal, Local and Territorial Support. Click here to download the tool.

ASTHO Announces Competitive Opportunities for Technical Assistance

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 - The Association of State and Territorial Health Officials (ASTHO) is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to build capacity in state, territorial, and freely associated state health agencies in the areas of PHAB accreditation, performance management, and quality improvement. Applications for technical assistance through the Accreditation Readiness and Performance Improvement Technical Assistance to States project and the Accreditation Support Initiative for territorial and freely associated state health agencies are now being accepted. For more information on the Accreditation Readiness and Performance Improvement Technical Assistance to States project, please contact Jamie Ishcomer, Senior Analyst, Quality Improvement and Performance Management, at


Save the Date for the Next Open Forum for QI and Innovation in Public Health: March 29-30, 2018

Thursday, August 24, 2017 - Join NNPHI on March 29-30, 2018 in Louisville, Kentucky, for the next Open Forum for QI and Innovation. Abstract submission will be opening in early October 2017 and registration will launch in November 2017. We will share more specific information about the conference timeline and how to submit an abstract as it becomes available. As a reminder, NNPHI will host only one Open Forum per year moving forward, so make sure you attend the conference in Louisville! 

PHQIX Drawing Kick-Off!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017 - PHQIX is excited to announce the launch of our latest drawing! Submit a new QI initiative by Friday, September 29, 2017, to receive one of our great prizes! You must register on PHQIX to submit a QI initiative. By submitting your QI initiative on PHQIX, you will receive many benefits, including an American Medical Association-style citation on that you and others can reference. Your QI initiative can help inform similar initiatives being conducted by other PHQIX community members and can contribute to the evolving science of public health QI. You will also receive excellent feedback from our panel of QI experts. Click here to learn more about how to submit a QI initiative, and click here to submit a new QI initiative. E-mail us at if you have any questions or concerns.


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