Using Interns for QI

Sun, 08/02/2015 - 09:12 -- gkroberts

Has anyone used an intern(s) for their QI efforts, and what exactly did they help with?

I am asking because I would like to have an intern help with various QI projects (meeting minutes, process maps, data collection) but wasn't sure if that was going to be enough work to keep them busy for their required amount of hours.

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Submitted by jvanlandingham on

I’ve found my interns to be very helpful in QI initiatives.  After first educating them in QI through our new training course, they have helped develop additional job aids and posters to further explain and market the QI process.  As I’m so ingrained in the process, the interns provide a new perspective: what is obvious to me, may not be to someone who is new to QI. In addition, these students have acted as a pilot audience for a project.  Finally, they assumed many of the more mundane tasks, such as copying, updating spreadsheets and setting up meetings.

Jen VanLandingham, QI Coordinator

Cecil County Health Department

Elkton, MD

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Submitted by jcpatterson on

Yes, we have used interns in our QI work. They are great data collector, minute takers and bring a great outside perspective to the project. Great resource!

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Julia Patterson RN, BSN
Cabarrus Health Alliance
Accreditation /Quality Improvement Director

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Submitted by Robin Nielson-C... on

We have used interns to help us create the final story boards (gives them a good overview of the project -- they report that this is useful) and displays about QI projects for our conference rooms. These projects worked well because the timing wasn't always right for them to be involved with a project from start to finish.

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Robin Nielson-Cerquone

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Helpful, thoughtful discussion. Thanks. We haven't used interns but it's a wonderful idea.

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