Transitioning QI/Accreditation Coordinators

Wed, 12/30/2015 - 10:19 -- gkroberts

We are currently in the process of transitioning to a new QI/Accreditation Coordinator. Everyone is so nervous to lose the momentum we have built with our former Coordinator over the past 2 years. Does anyone have any advise for a smooth transition?

Thank you!

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Hi Gurleen,

Ideally, QI and accreditation readiness do not rest solely on the shoulders of one position, and rather, staff throughout the organization have a piece of sustaining momentum.  Hopefully there are other, perhaps informal, QI and accreditation champions in your agency.  For example, are there process owners from previous QI efforts?  What about QI Council members?  Do you have domain leads from the accreditation work completed to date?  My recommendation is that any involved staff be actively engaged in the transition.  Perhaps they can assist with onboarding, and help set some short-term milestones that define a successful transition to this position.

It would be great if you would keep us all posted on your experience with the transition - e.g., what worked, what didn't, your advice, etc.


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Thanks, Grace! You are right about QI and accreditation not just being one person's job, so we used this to our advantage by focusing on the efforts that are overarching (leading accreditation and QI meetings, the PHAB application process, QI tools and training). Here are some other tips we have learned so far:

  • We were thankful in that the new Coordinator we hired was someone internal that had paticipated in a QI project before and was slightly familiar with the process already. This was nice because the new Coordinator already understood the agency's dynamic, governance, processes, etc. so we could focus on job-specific training.
  • It was great that the previous and new Coordinators were able to work together for 1 week through this transition. This allowed the training to occur from the source, and reduced variation in how things were being done, and identified expectations immediately. This was our top priority because we are submitting our letter of intent to apply next month, and really didn't want to push this further.
  • It also helps to know what type of characteristics to look for in a new Coordinator. Just to list a few: organized, detail-oriented, likes to plan ahead (MAJOR), can present and lead meetings, gets along with others, can communicate effectively.

So far, so good :)

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Gurleen Roberts, MPH
Director of Quality Management
Cobb & Douglas Public Health
Marietta, GA

Submitted by Torney Smith on

It sounds as if the transition is going well and Grace's comments are spot on in my thinking. I would also offer that there are several resources for the new coordinator on PHQIX and also feel free to query other health jurisdictions on tools, trainings, and strategies that have already been effective in transitions in their agencies. Re-inventing the wheel is not necessary and this forum can lead to connections to gain from others.

Best of luck in the transition.

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