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Hi Everyone!

We are approaching the end of our PDCA cycles here at Kane County H.D.  I was wondering, does anyone have any ideas about great ways to share our storyboards/successes?  In the past I know we have uploaded them to the website and hung them around the building. 



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Submitted by pverma on

Hi Brandi - Congratulations on completing those QI cycles! Here are a few ideas to share your work both internally and externally: 

- In-person staff meetings where you highlight the successes of the project, demonstrate the value of QI, and recognize the staff involved with those projects. 

- Distribute a periodic performance improvement e-newsletter that contains regular updates on various projects and results. 

- Submit to PHQIX :) 

- Share results at the next meeting with your local governing entity. 

- Submit an abstract to local, state, or national conferences. (Hint: NACCHO Annual submissions are due 12/18!)

Pooja Verma, MPH

Performance Improvement, NACCHO


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Pooja Verma

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Wow, these are great ideas.  Thank you so much!  I will definitely share these with our QI Committee!


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Brandi Wamhoff, MPH
Kane County Health Department
Data and Quality Coordinator

Submitted by gkroberts on

Hi Brandi,

Congrats on completing your projects! In addition to Pooja's awesome examples, I just wanted to add:

- Even if you don't have a specific performance improvement newsletter, you could add a spotlight section for QI in a general newsletter, in which you could summarize the storyboards and/or provide updates/progress on current projects.

- Add completed QI projects to your agency's annual report.

- Send a mass (internal) email when a project is complete to highlight those individuals involved, summarize the results, and ask for other project suggestions. This has been a great way to get more project ideas because people can actually see the results. Don't feel bad for sending too many mass emails. QI is agency-wide and should be transparent.

- Highlight a few completed storyboards at new employee orientation

- If you do present a poster at a conference (which I also highly recommend), hang it in a common area in which the project was done (the office/clinic lobby, director's lobby, main hallway, etc). This way vistors can also see your work. It is a form of art :)

- Share your storyboards with other groups (via conference calls or webinars), such as a state-wide PHAB learning community, QI coordinators, public health nursing, or even the hospital association.

One observation I have had with our storyboards is that sometimes there is so much informaiton on 1-page that its hard to read and understand if you are not regularly involved in QI. It helps to highlight the main points, the purpose and results, when presenting a storyboard. If you need a second opinion, I would be happy to take a look. Feel free to email me. Good luck!

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Gurleen Roberts, MPH
Director of Quality Management
Cobb & Douglas Public Health
Marietta, GA