State statute requiring Lean reviews at government agencies

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Hi everyone. Do you have a state law that requires government agencies (state or municipal) to conduct Lean reviews to improve efficiencies? If so, can you please contact me and/or send me links to such laws? 

If your state has issued a bill (whether it has successful or not) please also respond and if possible, send me the text so I can share with others here. My state has a proposed bill and I'd like to know if others have similar statutes.

My email is Thanks!

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Hi Magali,

Here in Washington State, we have executive order 13-04 rather than legislation. It really covers continuous improvement and the whole landscape of performance management, rather than only Lean. You can find it at

In practice, our Governor's office collects stories about Lean improvement projects twice a year, along with the numbers of staff who've received training in Lean topics. So we track and report both training and Lean/QI projects in our state health department. You can find resources about this at and

Please feel free to contact me with questions!

Megan Davis, Washington State Department of Health



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Megan Davis
Accreditation Coordinator
Washington State Dept. of Health

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I encourage you to check out the Network for Public Health Law. 

Under the "Topics & Resources" tab you can search for resources available through the Network. One topic area, "Public health agency structure, organization & accreditation", may have some information that is helpful to you. In addition to the available tools & resources, you can also inquire about legal technical assistance or ask a question about topics related to public health law. 

General link:

Link to info about TA or to the "Ask a Question" feature:

Ty Kane

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