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Tue, 02/16/2016 - 13:57 -- jgoodern

For standard 9.2.2 A 1. Documentation of quality improvement activities based on the QI plan: has anyone found a good defination for the difference between a "program area" and "administrative area"?  I assume administrative areas refer to support services such as HR, accounting, purchasing, IT, etc. and everything else is a program area?  Maybe someone from an accredited LHD would be willing to share what projects they used as examples? 

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We interpretted the administrative one to how some of our programs were administered or administratively supported, including data entry of our food establishments. Here is part of our project summary:

The Health Department maintains contact information for Food Service Establishments (FSE) in several databases – Fox Pro, Everbridge, and a general list used to track FSE inspections. A preliminary review was conducted where we found that contact information was outdated, inaccurate, and inconsistent making it difficult to contact FSEs with emergency communication. The review consisted of testing the system via a survey sent out through Everbridge. The current approach led to updates that were made in some databases, but not others, which resulted in inconsistencies.

AIM Statement: Within one month there will be 90% accuracy across all three databases and 90% of new establishments will be entered correctly into all three databases utilizing a new routing form.

We are not yet accredited, but are in the process...

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Andrea Boissevain, MPH
Stratford Health Department (CT)

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Hi Julie,

On PHABs website there is an Acronyms & Glossary of Terms booklet that you might find helpful.  It defines Administrative Areas as:  activities that relate to mangement of a company, school, or other organization.  For PHAB purposes, administrative areas are distinguished from program areas which provide public health programs or interventions.  We used HR and Contracts as our examples for Administrative QI projects. 

The definition in the glossary for Programs is combined with Processes and Interventions.  They are used to describe functions of services or activities carried out through the daily work of public health departments.  We used our Tobacco Program and Food Service Program.  Hope these are helpful.

Susan Ramsey, formerly with Washington State Department of Health

now owner of Pearls of Wisdom Consulting



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Submitted by Marianne Shawley on

We used the Revised Orientation Program project for the Administrative example.  The team included staff members from every area of the health department, not just one program.  The project is available to view here on PHQIX.

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Marianne K. Shawley
QI/Accreditation Coordinator
Henry County Health Department

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Hi -

For an administrative project, we used an example related to a specific personnel/HR process. I've seen other administraive projects focused on purchase orders, billing processes and policy updates. Program area examples could include reducing critical violations for food inspection or increasing the employees who respond to an emergency preparedness alert within a specific timeframe.

I hope this helps!

April Harris - Three Rivers District Health Department

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Thank you all for the thoughtful responses and examples.  Topclown56 thanks for the reminder about the PHAB definitions!  Don't know how I missed that one.

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