New Performance Management Software to Consider

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Thu, 01/16/2014 - 09:25 -- 4Sloan

Hi All! I'd like to talk about a great software package that we've been using for several years now that has a variety of applications but is perfect for performance management, logic modeling, evaluation, QI, etc. I found out about DoView when it was introduced during one of the American Evaluation Association's coffee break webinars. DoView was designed by Paul Duignan, PhD. Dr. Duignan lives in New Zealand and his goal was to create a software package for visualizing outcomes that is affordable, particularly so that the software could be easily available to NGO's in developing nations. Anyway, I love this software and the model we created for the evaluation of our immunization program was recognized as an exemplary practice by the Washington Department of Health during our 2009/10 standards review. Here's the website address: If you look under the Contact & Support tab there are some quick start videos available to find out more. As a disclaimer, I have no financial interest in the software. I'd just like to promote it as a tool that might be of interest to PHQIX members.

Have any of you used this wonderful tool? I can send a sample of our immunization program model if anyone is interested. Here's my email address:

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