On-line tools for Customer Satisfaction Collection

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Wed, 02/11/2015 - 10:20 -- Jill Almond

Hello everyone,


We are beginning phase one of our Service Excellence/ Customer Service plan and looking at survey creation, distribution, and collection.  I am looking for vendors that offer on-going on-line survey collection and data. We currently use SurveyMonkey for program data collection, however, I would need a tool that can collect a large number of responses on the same web-link.  Any help would be appreciated.



Jill Almond

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Submitted by Carlylb on

Check out Qualtrics, we are very happy with it.

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Rhonda Bartow

Submitted by Jne310 on

I second Qualtrics!  Way more functionality than SurveyMonkey and greater analysis capabilities.  Can do more secure things as well.  Immunizations is utilizing this currently and other programs will be soon.  We also used it for Ebola in tracking calls for our call center. 

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Submitted by Channa Lindsay on

To be frank, one of the main benefits of Survey Monkey is that it can be used at no cost. Are the capabilities of a free Qualtrics account more versatile and/or advanced than the free Survey Monkey account?

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Channa Lindsay

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Submitted by 4Sloan on

Thanks for this discussion. I'm currently working on a Quality Planning team charged with developing a policy/procedures/tasks/forms/references for assessing customer satisfaction (PHAB Measure 9.1.4 A). We use the enhanced Survey Monkey package but I'll now tak a look at what Qualtrics has to offer. So, thanks again. 

Do those of you who have commented also use non-survey methods such as interviews, focus groups, key informant interviews, etc. to collect customer feedback? 

Also, has anyone used Survey Monkey on an iPad or other tablet to get immediate feedback while providing services to a client? Just curious.

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