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Thu, 03/05/2015 - 09:12 -- Jill Almond

Does anyone have an example of an internal customer service survey that you have used to gather information from your staff teams?

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Submitted by Jne310 on

We also have a survey.  We did one internally with our staff which has now morphed into our employee wellness and interest survey (incorporating data from wellness instead of just overall customer satisfaction).  We also did one between divisions and with the LHDs. We also had a suggestion box that LHDs and DPH employees could submit ideas to our Performance Management office and we had some really great projects come from this!  (Community garden at our complex, smoking initiative)

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Hi Jill, I have 2 examples I would be happy to share related to our worksite wellness program and to our QA process. I did these last year and they were highly effective in gathering employee feedback, and I hope to administer them both again this year. The worksite wellness survey was targetted to all employees, whereas the QA survey was mainly clinic-focused. Since you posted this, have you created your own internal survey that you would be willing to share?


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